Getting Started: Insurance Agent, Meet QwikSubmit

Insurance Agent

One of the questions we get asked a lot these days is how is QwikSubmit different from how I build my Insurance Application/Submissions now. Insurance Agents we talk to know that something needs to change in a way they are handling their Insurance Applications, but no one is exactly sure what it is that needs to be changed. The process can be tedious, long and often completely unproductive. So how can QwikSubmit help?

How does QwikSubmit work?

QwikSubmit is actually a simple dashboard, where all your insureds’ data are stored. You can access it anytime, from anywhere. It helps you create Insurance Applications, using forms your team already worked with, but in a more holistic way – so you don’t have to waste time on repetitive actions.


We built QwikSubmit as a web-based solution and there is not a thing that an Insurance Agent need to install. QwikSubmit is also extremely user-friendly, simple and features easy-to-use menus, so your team won’t have to go through a lengthy training to get on board.


Insurance Application Management System Dashboard
QwikSubmit dashboard

How do I start working on Insurance Applications?

It’s really easy. Just choose a Form to work on and enter all your client’s data. Here comes the fun part: once you’ve entered the data, it will always wait for you in QwikSubmit for future use. You can email the data to your client for review or edit if needed.

How do I get my team on board?

QwikSubmit supports teams, so our idea was to enable you to pick up the work on an Insurance Application no matter where you left off a couple of hours of days ago, or (and we love this option much more) to pass on the Application to any of your colleagues to work on.

Imagine this: your colleague – an Insurance agent – is talking to a client in need of a policy on the phone and while they’re talking, your colleague starts the work on an Application in QwikSubmit and at one point decides to pass the work on to you. All you need to do is login into QwikSubmit and resume the work on that same Application. This means your team gets to stay on top of the process and anyone can jump in if necessary.

I’ve finished an Insurance Application in QwikSubmit, what now?

At the end of the process, you can choose to send the Insurance Application to an Underwriter from the QwikSubmit database or enter/add the email of an Underwriter not in our database.


Now, all you have to do is send your application on its merry way.



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