Prepare Premium Financing options for your Insurance Agents

We joined forces with Columbia Pacific Finance to enable you to provide your Insurance Agents with comprehensive Premium Financing solution for their Insureds

Select an Agent from the list of your Agents or add a new Agent

For an Agent to be able to use our Premium Financing system we need the Agent to be registered. Once registered, an Agent can:

  • get quotes with the simple button click
  • pick payment plan
  • have Premium Financing Agreement signed electronically
  • add Agent’s override

Registration is simple and the service is free both for General Agency and Insurance Agents.




Select your Agent’s Client from the list or add a new Client

We store the data for each Client/Applicant that you or your Agent create. When creating a new quote for Agent, simply start typing Applicant’s name. If a Client already exists within GST system, we’ll populate the fields with the required data.


Insert policy Information

Enter all the policy information except for Retail Agency Fee. When an Agent opens the quote, they will be able to add Retail Agency Fee and Agent Override.

*Please stay informed of current legal requirements and make sure that you are in compliance with Premium Financing Compensation Disclosures




Send the link to Agent to get a quote and finalize Premium Finance Agreement

When you insert all the data and save it, we will notify the Agent about a new Premium Finance Agreement you prepared for them and provide the link to finalize Agreement. We also give you the option to send your personalized message to the Agent.

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