Premium Financing

Columbia Pacific Finance and GST Software have partnered to create a tech-based platform that connects you to your Insureds like never before. By utilizing our all-inclusive Agency dashboard, you can eliminate paperwork that robs you of the most precious commodity in your business - Time

Give your customers an opportunity to use their cash, working capital and credit lines to help grow their business, not front their insurance premiums.

Features that deliver value to your Customers

Text quotes to Clients

Send quotes to your Clients directly from the GST dashboard

Auto reminders to start PFAs

When your Client signs the Premium Financing Agreement, we’ll send you a reminder to start the Agreement with Columbia Pacific Finance

Referral fees for growing your business

Set up referral fee or Agency override for each contract separately

Electronic signatures

Use our built-in electronic signature feature and collect your Client’s signature safely and in seconds

Columbia Pacific Finance drafts down payments

We give you an option to collect down payment yourself or let Columbia Pacific Finance draft a plan for down payments

Missed payments are no longer an issue

Columbia Pacific Finance will take care of reminding your Insureds on missed payments

Emailing monthly invoices

Our Premium Financing provider will take care of emailing monthly invoices to your Clients

Quarterly renewal reports

It’s important to stay on top of the process, so you’ll receive regular quarterly renewal reports

The simplest and fastest Premium Financing Service

Get the quote and send text and/or email to your Client in a few easy steps

Enter your Client information or select previously entered Client from the list

Click to see full-size image
Click to see full-size image

Insert policy information

Option to add an Agent override and see the real-time calculation

Get a Quote and send text and/or message to your Client

Send and receive your Client’s Electronic signature, or print and upload manually signed documents

Premium Financing_signed_document

You’re done! The system will send you an email reminding you to start the Premium Financing Agreement.

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