Insurance Applications Management System that saves one thing we value the most - TIME

QwikSubmit stores all the information about your Insureds and Applications you create for them. Instead of collecting information and then inserting it into PDF forms, just insert data into QwikSubmit and generate PDF files when you’re ready.

Store data in a way it’s supposed to be stored

QwikSubmit enables you to stay on top of your Submission process. Instead of entering your customer’s data to PDF files (ACORD forms), enter all the data in a database using our simple forms. Don’t worry about entering the same data over and over again.



Stay on top of the process

Pick the type of business you want to submit, fill out the simple and clean menus and QwikSubmit assembles your application packet for you. Submit Applications to unlimited General Agencies through QwikSubmit.

Collaborate on Insurance Applications with your team

QwikSubmit enables you or your team member to pick up the work on an Application right where you left off. Anytime. From any device.

How does collaboration on Insurance Applications work in a team? Read about it here



Track your Applications – use auto renewal option

It’s hard to keep track of Insurance policy renewals. QwikSubmit will generate renewal applications and notify you of the process. On time.

We want you to succeed, so we give you all QwikSubmit features, regardless of the plan


  • 2 users
  • unlimited applications
  • access to all features
  • 5 users
  • unlimited applications
  • access to all features
  • 15 users
  • unlimited applications
  • access to all features
  • More than 15 Users
  • unlimited applications
  • access to all features

*additional seat $10 (per user/permonth)

Frequently asked questions

Questions we get a lot, answered.

How is QwikSubmit different than what I do now?

With QwikSubmit instead of looking at complicated and hard to read applications, all information is inserted in a simple, easy to understand and easy on the eyes menus. Quit trying to decipher complicated and time-consuming forms. Finish submission forms quickly and spend your time on more important tasks, working with your customers.

I have an agency management system. Why would I want QwikSubmit?

Yes, your agency management system has available forms, which you can fill out. However, with QwikSubmit your data is there for current and future use, to send to your client for review, change, convert into different applications, review periodically to see what your agency is writing, or use for future marketing efforts. Even have it prompt you or your staff to proactively handle renewals. QwikSubmit isn’t an agency management system – it’s a powerful, productive solution that will make Submission process fit right into the dynamic life of your agency.

How does QwikSubmit handle renewal applications?

With QwikSubmit you decide how to handle your renewal applications. First QwikSubmit prompts you two weeks after the proposed effective date of your submitted application, asking you whether you wish to mark the application for a renewal reminder. You can choose to be reminded 60 days prior to the renewal and get a prompt. You can:

  • Send an interactive Menu driven questionnaire to your customer picking out which pieces of information you wish them to review for possible changes. When finished, the client is prompted to sign the renewal application and the renewal application is sent back to you completed, ready for your review and submission to the underwriter.
  • Simply review those pieces of information you wish to and in seconds generate a renewal application and send to the insured for them to sign.

Can I correct or change my submissions?

QwikSubmit allows you to change any of the application at any time. Simply pick the section you wish to change from the drop down menu, make your changes, and your application is ready to go! With the click of the button re-send to the customer if you wish a new signature.

Is QwikSubmit a rater?

At this time QwikSubmit is not a rater, QwikSubmit is focused on helping you complete applications for General Agencies and Carriers. However, the rating is coming to QwikSubmit! Currently QwikSubmit is working with forward thinking General Agencies and should have rating on QwikSubmit starting fall 2017.

If QwikSubmit doesn’t have my supplement, why would I use it?

Good question! Here’s why: even if all you need is to fill out a “General Application for Commercial Insurance” QwikSubmit is still the fastest and easiest program for completing that form. In addition, you can attach the supplement to your QwikSubmit form and in the process, take advantage of QwikSubmit’s awesome renewal application process!

Also, we will be adding other supplements continuously.

Do I need to install any software?

No, QwikSubmit is web based solution and you can access it from any javascript enabled browser (desktop or mobile), anytime. Javascript is enabled by default on all devices and typically you don’t have to worry about it at all. If for any reason your browser has javascript disabled, you’ll receive a message plus instructions on how to enable it.

How safe is QwikSubmit?

QwikSubmit is hosted in Microsoft Cloud and all connections to QwikSubmit are always encrypted (check you browser address bar, it’s gonna show HTTPS protocol meaning your connection to our server is encrypted). So you can rest assured that all the information you insert into QwikSubmit is safely collected and stored for your future use. We will never share any of the information you insert into QwikSubmit with anyone, ever. The only person to access your data is you or your Agency team members; Underwriters can see only what you share with them, so you’re in total control of your data.

Furthermore all emails sent from QwikSubmit are sent using Microsoft secure Office 365 server using encrypted connection. So although not required in Insurance Industry, all your emails sent from QwikSubmit are HIPAA compliant.

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