“We Introduced QwikSubmit Into Our Routine And Our Team Loves It”

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Small Montana Independent Insurance Agency decides to generate Insurance Applications better and shares how the team embraced working on Applications in QwikSubmit.


At the Toby Hansen Insurance Agency we liked the QwikSubmit menus first, and then we liked the whole process


We introduced QwikSubmit – an Insurance Application Management System –  simply as the new way we were going to fill out Acord forms in our office. At the Toby Hansen Insurance Agency, we appreciated the fact that we didn’t have to look at sometimes strenuous Acord forms anymore and instead could look at menus that were much easier on the eyes. The process of figuring out what types of Acord forms we need to fill out to send in quotes or create renewal applications for customers became more simple and streamlined.


It took a couple of Applications to get everybody hooked to simple GST Dashboard. We all liked the ability to jump in and out of Insurance Applications as we were interrupted by the need to service walk-in customers or customers on the phone.


Teamwork on Insurance Applications? How?


One of the best features of QwikSubmit is that I can have my CSR’s or support staff in the office fill in the most basic and mundane parts of Applications, then save them and send me a task on our management system to go in and finish off those parts of the Applications that require my insurance knowledge: things like adding class codes, filling in the physical details about buildings to be insured or setting the property limits where they should be.




The collaborative effort is amazing. One of the nicest features is that the reality of submitting applications to General Agencies is that the effective dates are often what was submitted on the original applications. More and more General Agents ask us to go back and change the effective dates on the applications. With QwikSubmit this is a simple and quick process and one that I can task my support team to do.


If you ever had a “renewal crisis” in your Agency, QwikSubmit will put an end to that nightmare


We discovered that with QwikSubmit renewals are a snap. I simply reply to the automated emails I get from the QwikSubmit system. When prompted I either: task a team member to go in and make the simple changes or ask them to send out the renewal from QS for the insured to answer/fill in.
Our Underwriters also like how much quicker our renewals have been with QwikSubmit. This has completely revolutionized how we deal with renewals and our mindset about having brokerage business.


by Toby Hansen at the Toby Hansen Insurance Agency


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