QwikSubmit: Manage Your Insurance Applications Better

Insurance Agents: how many times did you lose the oversight of what exactly is happening with your Commercial lines Insurance Applications once you’ve sent them down the rabbit’s hole of Underwriter emails you’ve casually found online?


Underwriters: how much time do you spend manually entering/re-entering data locked into images or – dare we say – reading and processing handwritten applications?


QwikSubmit – Insurance Applications Management System


After months-long talks with other Insurance Agents and Underwriters on the other side, GST’s own Insurance Agent Toby Hansen with the help of the rest of the GST team thought through, mapped out and ultimately designed QwikSubmit – an Insurance Applications Management System.


The rest of our GST team worked fast and furious for 8 months building QwikSubmit. It is, we admit, somewhat different than we initially imagined it. The Insurance Agent in us kept whispering in our Developer’s ear `Wouldn’t it be great if we had this? And then this?`. We imagine this happens to many, many well-meaning and overly excited startups.


Well, after a year we found ourselves in a good place with QwikSubmit and at a time we feel we could make a difference with this little ambitious helper to productive Insurance Agents and Underwriters. To be precise, we feel we could make a difference in your respective Agencies/Businesses with a straight-forward Software As A Service (SaaS) that does not require weeks or days-long training of your staff or using things that none of us can possibly understand, because a) we are not Developers b) we just want to offer the best possible service to our clients and make that our priority.



QwikSubmit for Insurance Agents


If you are an Insurance Agent, QwikSubmit Dashboard lets you manage all your Applications in one place, without ever having to re-enter your client’s data again. It also handles renewals for you and lets you access data in different formats.


You will also be able to work faster when deciding which and what kind of an Underwriter you need with the QwikSubmit database of General Agencies. Everything you need to handle a Commercial Insurance Application is waiting for you in one place. Reachable from any device. With all your data tucked safely in a cloud.



QwikSubmit for General Agencies


If you are serving the other side, if you are an Underwriter…the one that needs to be nimble and offer the best possible service to Insurance Agents and ultimately clients, we wanted to give you a tool that will save you a lot of time, possible misery of deciphering someone’s handwriting or even going through heaps of emails to unearth an application sent to you in who knows what format. We want you at your best level of productivity, of not having to lose precious time on actions that belong to ancient history.


All your Insurance Applications will be in one place – your QwikSubmit Dashboard. Also, your Applications will be available in multiple formats. XML was the one we were probably the happiest about ourselves. We also prepared our proprietary format – Lumenforms, where all the information is divided into sections and is probably the easiest-to-read format in the Insurance Industry.


We thought about making Lumenforms even more flexible, so we made it possible for you to use copy-paste function for any piece of information you need to harvest.


QwikSubmit means more focused teamwork, especially if yours is a team of many Departments. You will be able to stay on top of all your Departments working on Insurance Applications processed or received through the QwikSubmit Dashboard and the division of work on Commercial Applications will be a piece of cake. We promise.


A software that works great with your other software

QwikSubmit is a friendly service and will cooperate just fine with your Agency or Policy Management System.


It will also give you a break from the somewhat chaotic process you are going through now in your Independent Insurance and Underwriting Agencies. We should know. That Insurance Agent that is an invaluable part of our team? Well, he is mercilessly testing, squeezing, uploading, entering data and scheduling renewals for the past 6 months in his Agency on QwikSubmit Beta version.


At the Toby Hansen Agency we use QwikSubmit daily to create new Applications, handle renewals of existing business and facilitate electronic signatures. Many of the General Agencies we work with accept QwikSubmit’s supplements which allow us to work with one platform, making life easier on our staff. Also, I am happy to say that with QwikSubmit we were able to cut down Application creation process by 50% and renewals by astonishing 95%!


Not convinced yet? That’s okay. We also like to take things for a test spin before we make important decisions. You can try QwikSubmit here. We won’t ask you for your credit card details and you won’t have to install a thing.