Announcing New GST Service: Premium Financing

GST Software Service: Premium Financing

We’re excited to announce that we added another service to our GST Productivity Dashboard for Insurance agents and Underwriters – Premium Financing Service.

While considering what other value we could add to our Insurance Application Management System in order to make lives of Insurance Agents just a bit easier and more productive, we came to the conclusion that offering Premium Financing Service could be the next logical step. We wanted to give Agents, as well as Underwriters a comprehensive tool that would drive value to the service they provide to their clients.

This is why we’ve partnered with the right Premium Financing provider Columbia Pacific Finance right here in Montana and co-developed a tech-based service that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and saves one thing Insurance agents don’t have: time.


Why Premium Financing?


Premium financing gives your Insureds control over their assets and the opportunity to stay on top of their cash flow. It also expands your service to your insureds. We’ll also give you a few other useful features with the service: electronic signatures, reminding customers of overdue payments, auto reminders to start the agreements and text quotes to clients.
Our own Broker-In-Chief Toby Hansen (who’s Agency already successfully implemented our Insurance Application Management System) explains how our Premium Financing service works. He is also just the right Insurance agent you’ll want to schedule a Demo of Premium Financing Service with.




Video Transcription


Hi, I’m Toby Hansen. Co-creator of GST’s Premium Financing program. I’d like to take a few moments to tell you about the benefits of using this program.


  • It has straightforward and intuitive menus, to help you and your staff create, quote and place Premium financing agreements. And do it more efficiently, accurately than any other system in the industry.
  • The ability to add broker fees and agency overrides to each and every contract and to vary those fees and overrides by every contract.
  • Automatic notifications to the Premium financing creators and, if you wish, office administrators, reminding them to start the premium finance agreements (which they can do with one click)

We all know in a busy office, it’s easy to do each and every step of creating and placing a Finance agreement, except for the most crucial one, which is sending it to the Premium Financing company. Using GST service, this can virtually be eliminated.

Rather than take up any more of your time, please click on the link at the end of this video and take a short tour of our system or go here if you’re an Insurance agent, or here if you represent a General Agency.

Thank you!